The key to faster and better success

Our ideas and strategies are formed as such to launch your business straight into the land of success.

Conquering the world of viral with a blend of uniqueness and a smart approach

Have you ever noticed how all the viral websites and brands strive to do something original always? This is the theme on which viral operates and this is a thrilling challenge that years of experience and strong creative minds can take upon.

Every day, people are coming with innovative ways to create interesting information to be shared across the public platform with the rest of the world. Evidently, what makes a difference in this rat race is knowing what to share, where to focus and how to start with the process. It is very essential to know your target audience and what they typically demand, and a successful viral content follows accordingly.

Our creative minds with years of experience at Tea Stall Studio, know and understand the various kinds of content and posts that will get your business more and more visitors and help you reach your target audience. We follow customized strategies, but never shy away from experimenting newer approaches as well to successfully work in enhancing your brand's digital presence and image.

Offering you a range of creative choices to guarantee your brand a viral status on the digital platform


One of the major features that drives a good business growth and caters to your brand's fame is a great Google ranking. Every business aims to see their website right at the top of the ranking, and this is successfully attained with proper SEO (search engine optimization) skills. With years of experience from working with various top brands, our team has in store the best SEO strategies that are both extraordinary and effective to ensure your business always stays at the top.

  • Off Page
Creating and using Google tags and trending keywords that will popularize your business on Google and help the former gain a better ranking with better traffic.


SMO (Social media optimization) is one of the most significant sources to establish and expand your business successfully. Social media gets users of all ages and makes it easier for you to garner attention from your target audience. Our team forms innovative social media campaigns that are interesting and engaging for your target audience and lets your business rave up the growth game faster than your competitors. We're always on the process of turning your visitors into loyal customers.

  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Campaign
One of the fastest and dominant social media sites, YouTube fuels the process of reaching a wider audience and we utilize this platform with our smart campaigns to market your brand effectively.

Google Campaign

Google is the King of the viral world, and everything starts and ends at Google. This is the epitome of where all SMO campaigns and strategies come to conclusion and you see the result of your hard-work. In Google campaigns, it's essential to win your target audience and keep your approach unique also. We at Tea Stall Studio, study the possible customer-base your business can make and craft our campaigns accordingly to ensure that you gain good response and customers too.

  • Display
  • Remarketing
A basic way of advertising on Google, in PPC (pay per click), we find the areas where your business can be best marketed and implement PPC to ensure that you get best engagements.

Experimenting with Other Scopes

In this growing world of innovation and digital development, the options of marketing your brand is only expanding and become even more polished and smart. Evidently, as a creative agency, we never cease ourselves from experimenting something novel and trying better ways to market your brands faster, better and smoother keeping in sync with the likes and trends of the digital scenario and the demands of your target audience. Our mission is to garner the best customer response for your business.

  • Emailer
Targeting a wide number of your target audiences both existing and new by communicating through bulk automated messages to gain bigger traffic and offer you better customer experience.