Design Branding

We help you to build a unique presence of your brand. We fulfill all your designing requirements.

Designing is writing a story without actually penning down a word

Every brand has a story to share and we as a team focus on this very story. It's no novelty that there are several brands belonging from the same genre and evidently to stand out from the rest, it's essential that the exclusive story of every brand is heard.

Tea Stall Studio has a design team of versatile and colourful thoughts. We find the statement that defines a brand and use this very identification to build a unique story around it. Our goal is always to evoke a brand sense in every client.

We create ideas and work with a long-term perspective and not a short-term one thus ensuring that each of our clients develop a trustworthy relationship with their customers both from sales and reputation viewpoints, respectively.

Our versatile platform comes up with variant ways to reflect your visualization to the targeted customers.

Brand design & communication

Have you ever wondered why do we remember certain brands from others? Coca Cola, Apple, Nike: they have all successfully created their own brand statement and communicate that to their audience. Likewise, we focus on what defines your brand and create designs that truly show that.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Packaging
We focus on your brand essence and evaluate your target audience and their long-term goals, and form creative ideas to create powerful visuals to keep your customers connected to you.

Marketing & advertisement

Every brand has its own features and not only is it essential for designers to find this particularity and highlight it, but it's equally important for the designs to have appealing look in order to catch the audience's attention. Our team works in attaining this by incorporating every brand's essence in their designs.

  • BTL
  • Digital
We follow your brand identity and create corporate campaign brochures and posters, print ads and brand logo accordingly and even market your brand before your target audience too.

Corporate Communication

In corporate world, everything needs to have and therefore maintain a fine balance of fun and professionalism. Corporate designs are intended to put forward an important message both for internal and external communication and typically from a business perspective. We make corporate designs that bears this fine balance and are equally catchy and interesting as well.

  • Digital
  • Event Announcement
We create buzz around your brand among your target audience by making visually impacting and creative designs for mailers, promos and other brand related designs.

Bespoke Design Requirements

Every design speaks an emotion that you want to convey to your customers and send a message as well. As a creative agency, we haven't stopped ourselves to one particular area and our focus varies around the spectrum among different genres. No matter what your requisite is, we make sure that we fulfill them and offer you complete complacence with our unique designs and thought-process.